~ Awards ~


◆2012 AXIOM All Finger Styles

World Championship Winner (U.S. Baltimore)


◆ 2014 AXIOM All Finger Styles

World Championship Winner (U.S. Baltimore)


◆2018 OPEN YOUR MIND 2018

Winner of Finger Style Battle (Japan)


◆2014 Member of USA/ Finger Styles originator “Dark Matter Squad”


◆ 2018 USA/ Vogue Originator House of XTRAVAGANZA member




◆ 2015 Dexterity Dance League World Championship Jury (U.S. San Francisco)


◆ 2016 Govement house performance (Australia)


◆ 2016 Tenyo Magic Festival Performance (Japan)


◆ 2016 Pacific Venus Cruse Onboard Show (Japan)


◆ 2016 Lamborghini New Car Presentation Opening Show (Japan)


◆ 2016 FIAT 500X New Car Presentation Opening Show (Japan)


◆ 2018 Dexterity Dance League Guest Performance & World Championship Jury (U.S. New York)


◆ 2018 Equilibrium event Guest Performance & Workshop Guest Lecturer (U.S. Kansas)


◆ 2019 Supernova Party Performance & Jury & Workshop Lecturer (Taiwan)

~ Music related choreography ~

~Casting history~


◆ 2011 Sakanaction Makuhari Messe 20,000 people live, "Kamen no Machi"


◆2014 SUMMER SONIC (Performance on special stage)


◆2017 idol group (Osaka☆Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) choreography "Chameleon Girl" choreography


◆2018 Sexy Zone Live Tour “repainting Tour 2018” luv manifesto choreography


◆ 2019 R.O.C.K.M.E.ft. Marty James (Dave Aude Remix) MV appearance


◆ 2020 "Judgment --Uki Miusaki" MV appearance


◆ 2020 "BLACK DREAM DAY --Uki Miusaki" V appearance

~ CM appearance history ~



◆ 2019 Amazon (Black Friday Advertising CM)


◆ 2019 movie "Dance with Me" (finger dance choreography)


◆ 2017 Pizza Hut China CM


◆ 2017 Nichiban Care Leave WEB CM




◆ 2016 SONY Motion Sonic Project WEB CM

~ TV media appearance ~


◆ Performance appearance on Abema TV "TV where the rough stones of Daimaou Kosaka appear"


◆ Mainichi Broadcasting System "MBS DANCE GRANDE" DIGITZ special feature


◆ TV Osaka "Monster Engine Rooftop Entertainment-Aim for Top-" NARI Guest Appearance


◆ DTV channel "OH! Mai DA PUMP !!" NARI guest appearance


◆ NTV "Arashi ni Shiyagare"


◆ Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV"


◆ Live appearance on Nippon Television "Refreshing"


◆ NTV "I tried to compare tonight 2 hours SP"


◆ TBS TV "Arabikidan Year-end SP"


◆ NTV "Information Program ZIP!"


◆ NTV "Zoom in Saturday"


◆ Kansai TV "Yoidon"


◆ Asahi Broadcasting "Story of Mr. A after the rain"


◆ TV Asahi "Design Code"


◆ Fuji TV "Futami Theater New Year Special Program" Tokoro George Collaboration


◆ NHK "Cool japan New Year's Day special program -Japan that surprised the world-"


◆ CS AXN JAPAN "Asias got talent special program"


◆ Italian long-established program "Tu si que vales"


◆ Singapore program "Asia's got talent 2017"


◆ Korea "KBS News"


◆ American information program "Right this minute"